Magic/Novelty Superabsorbent Polymers

Want to make snow? Want to instantly absorb water for a magic show or demonstration? Interested in decorative, multi-color, superabsorbent beads? These are the products for you!

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LiquiBlock™ 2G-70

Item No. 2G-70

High free swell absorption capacity, looks like snow when properly hydrated.

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LiquiBlock™ 2G-110

Item No. 2G-110

High free swell absorption capacity, lightening fast action, good gel strength

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LiquiBlock™ 42K

Item No. 42K

Looks like crushed ice when hydrated with water!!

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LiquiBlock™ Rainbow Beads

Item No. Rainbow Beads

We have many colors of Rainbow Beads. Call us and tell us what color you want.

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